how much they earn? what motivates them to change jobs?

In order to find answers to those and many other questions, we have surveyed IT developers from all over Poland. Everything, to get to know them!

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What will you

learn about IT developers?


favorite technologies


much do they

actually earn


motivates them to change job


they want to work for

Of the 500 respondents…


is open to

better job offers


want to

work for Google



better salary


Throughout the 10 years of my career in HR, I was trying to understand the world of IT Developers. I thought- it’s time to finally ask the question. Thanks to the research carried out, I finally received all needed answers.

Magdalena Wierzbicka

Managing Director @ FILTTR

Maja Gojtowska

The author of the blog, an expert on HR and Employer Branding

The findings confirm that IT developers are largely passive candidates - they are not actively looking for work, but are keen to take a look at potential career challenges. The key to attracting them to new job offers is primarily the individual approach to recruitment. Only in this way can the employer stand out from the piles of offers that programmers are flooded with every day. The key to success is detailed preparation, acquaintance with the profile of a particular candidate and creating an offer that will meet all their specific expectations from the employer.

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